Interaction Design with Max 7 – 2016

This course was aimed at sonic and visual artists alike, focusing on designing interactive systems that process both audio and video in real-time. The software of choice was Max, coupled with inexpensive and readily available commercial hardware used in gaming.

Part I: During the first installment of this three-part course, the participants familiarised with the basic syntax of Max’s visual programming. They learned how to quickly prototype audio and video applications for on-the-fly processing. In particular, the participants were encouraged to think and program modularly through the use of abstractions and re-usable blocks of code.
Part II: During the second installment of this three-part course, participants were introduced to key concepts of Human Computer Interaction. This session focused on using Xbox Kinect in conjunction with Max, as a Kinetic User Interface for designing real-time interaction between the user’s movements and the processing of audio and video. In order to do this, the participants familiarise with the OSC communication protocol and basic API queries between devices (computer and Kinect).
Part III: During the third and last instalment of this three-part course, participants worked in groups. They designed their very own implementation of an interactive application, using the techniques and resources of the previous two sessions.

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