Ex tempore

Score-driven Max patch, messing with Zeno’s voice and environment..

With Shackle (Anne La Berge/Robert van Heumen) and others

With Annette Krebbs and Aonghus McEvoy

A study on beats (frequency) and feedback, plus sample mashup gratuity. Guitar and live electronics

With Franziska Schroeder and Tristan Clutterbuck.

With Ricardo Jacinto

Below, a piece from a short series called “Soundlepsies”… I suppose a soundlepsy is what is says on the packet : a short sonic fit (?)

Longing  features Stephane Payen and me

With S. Hutchings, A. Parkins, B. Taylor, L. Donin, M. Ravalico, J. Carmona.

That’s just me on my own back in the days, with analog knobs and a suitcase of effects to log on buses…


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