The Man Who Laughs – Duo with Funmi Okiji, performing original adaptations of old jazz tunes…with a twist. Some electronics, samples, and various other (more or less) cliches of sound manipolation. Active between 2008 -2010, it released the album below:

2010 “Deep Songs” – The Man Who Laughs, F-ire label, CD 38

Deep Songs








Live @ The Others

This is an unreleased track:


What the press said:

“Surprisingly compelling, a modern take on jazz noir which successfully inhabits the style’s signature ambiance of bittersweet nocturnal heartache and emotional and temporal dislocation.” “7-string guitarist Stefano Kalonaris is a special delight”

(Chris May, Allaboutjazz)

“It is something of a cliché to say that an artist sheds fresh light on staple songs courtesy of an entirelyoriginal approach, but in the case of The Man Who Laughs it is simply the truth: the songs are made to stand out in all their stark beauty against backdrops that range from African drumming to free jazz and space bleeps” “highly absorbing improvisational routes”

(Chris Parker, The Vortex online reviews)

“Humble, strange, unexpected, The Man Who Laughs’ gig is as much an art performance as a concert. Their nocturnal and dream-like songs are an unusual experience, and gave the local residents of Walthamstow a soft electroshock.”

(Anais Bremond, London Jazz Festival 2009)

“The Man Who Laughs’ songs have the flavor of lost jazz standards from some forgotten smoky lounge in downtown America. Yet set against hints of Afro rhythm and interspersed with fragments of urban field recordings there is an odd sense of dislocation, something out of time, shot through with disconcerting echoes and submerged memories.”

(Noel Taylor, Luna Fringe Mix3)



Zoetrope – similar concept to the above but in trio with J. Kelly and F. Sigurta’. This one never really took off, but we spend some lovely afternoons in each other’s company, rehearsing and drinking coffee…



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