STEIM – 2013


This was on December 10th and 11th 2013, a workshop lead by Anne La Berge and Robert van Heumen that saw 12 laptop/electro-instrumental musicians get together to make some music (?)


Converging Objects @ STEIM, Amsterdam. December 2013
Converging Objects @ STEIM, December 2013


More Converging Objects @ STEIM


On the second day, it culminated in a public performance by the participants, plus a set by Shackle.

Magically, Semay Wu turned up at the gig! I hadn’t seen her for a couple of years so that was very nice, and I thought I’d post an extract of a performance we did together (plus Tom Mudd), back in 2011:

Just to expand a little on the above…

During the two days at STEIM we tested and used Shackle’s system for organising/structuring live improvisation.

This consists of a nomenclature of sonic proposals that are generated randomly and put to the players’ decision.

If the consensus is positive then the ensemble improvises along the guidelines of the proposal.

Else, any performer can reject the proposal, resulting in the ensemble staying on the then current one or someone requesting the generation of a new proposal.

The game goes on like this until and end is, magically?, agreed upon.

Shackle implement the above system via a network and a simple Max to SuperCollider patch, however, during the workshop, we used a hardcopy of the voting part, consisting of cards that were held up ( Cancel / Next) when appropriate.