STEIM – 2014


…this time for the winter orientation session (2014); these are held roughly twice a year, with a typical session lasting three days and beginning on a monday. Each session features a casual program of discussions and technology demonstrations by Steim’s staff and by artists within its network.

It’s an interesting bunch of people, some flew in from New York, others (including me) from UK and Italy.

All different kinds of backgrounds… staying at the guesthouse, sharing room with Tom Zimmerman, check his Youtube channel, teazer999999

Frank Balde’ demonstrated the capabilities of Steim’s proprietary software, LiSa and JunXtion, as well as introducing the new addition, a.k.a. LiSa re-born = RoSa.

Joel Ryan gave a talk about time in music, making the point ( I think) that we have incorrectly abdicated our control and perception of time in favour of a machine paradigm, where, instead, our brain is capable of far more accurate musical time computations.

We also had a chance to play with some Arduino boards and were introduced to Steim’s  X-Bee.