USP – 2015

I have never seen anything this big! Well, perhaps Istanbul, out of the places I’ve been, but that was a long time ago, so this one wins!

After having been awarded a Santander Universities scholarship, I am set to carry out some of my research out here in Brazil.

In particular I am supposed to investigate the local ‘free improv’ scene and, hopefully, bribe them into trying out some of my games and experiments in regards to Bayesian inference and improvisation.

I have met quite a few local musos already, namely Mariana Carvalho, Max Schenkman, Felipe Fraga Gutterres, Thiago Sallas, Matias Viola Fisher, and the duo Vasco Trilla (Es) Johannes Nästesjö (Se).

After a slow start, providing dengue fever and drought don’t halt me, it’s looking up.

I will (try to) keep this updated.

Update: 02.04.2015

At the moment I am taking part to the rehearsals of Orchestra Errante, an improvisation ensemble lead by saxophonist and researcher Rogerio Costa, who also lectures at the USP, the São Paulo University. It looks like I will be on the personnel roster for their gig on the 16th April.

With them, I have had the chance to try a few musical games based on Thomas Schelling’s “focal points”, you might want to refer to his seminal “The strategy of conflict” for more info.

Essentially measuring degrees of salience of particular events, with respect to the different improvisers involved in the game. This has implications in Bayesian inference and more involved strategic games that I am hoping to get a chance try out.

Update 16.04.2015

Tonight Orchestra Errante is doing a sort of half lecture half concert, at USP. I am going to take part and hopefully have a good time playing my joystick+Max patches. That’s all I could/wanted to bring to Brazil. It’s raining cats and dogs. That’s irrelevant…sorry. Yes, so we’re playing a graphic score by Jonathan Andrade, a piece inspired by View Points, by Fabio Martinelli (the piece that is, view points aren’t his) and a few free improvisations.

here’s the concert:

Update 17.05.2015

Uhm…so that went well, I think. Audience did seem to enjoy it and we had fun.

Tonight, I am performing with a different bunch, at Nomade in Arte e Hostel,  Rua Eça de Queiroz, 414, not sure who’s going to be there but I know that I’ll play a duo with Marcio Gibson on drums.

I have been there before, it is a nice informal venue and has its private backyard. Looking forward to it.